"The movement itself"

Movēre Traffic Loads (formerly U-Count Professional) is an in-house android dedicated tool to support and add value to the real-time traffic counting and data collection. The application is versatile, compatible with MSExcel and is used by planners and consultants as a reliable agent counting pocket tool.

In a nutshell, Movēre Traffic Loads is a data driven pocket tool which leads the user from the scenario settings to the identification and quantification of the different agents in the urban space.

A dedicated City Traffic Load Counter

The tool visually represents the result, saves the data locally and sends it as CSV file for further analysis in third software like Excel, replacing the traditional hand-made methodologies.

The aim of Movere Traffic Loads is to facilitate the task of providing a better transport & urban planning.

Pocket Tool for Mobilities' Analysis

  • Identification and quantification of agents. Helps on-site traffic regulators to improve local life quality by rationalizing infrastructures
  • Professional and Lite versions available for Android
  • 1.000+ users and a 1-7 ratio of conversion
  • Excel Compatibility (CSV files)
  • User-group discussion platform

    Manual directional traffic loads analysis are ideal to complete/add value in strategic locations, helping to generate a wider coverage of traffic data

  • Movere Traffic Loads is currently helping planners and consultants to better analyze how we move.
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